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The true ending was very touching, and the easter egg was very novel.

In a way, that ending turned out the way I thought it would, given how the Scavengers were acting up. Only so many ways for that sort of scenario to resolve, given the horror setting. Though, I really liked it.

Very nice game.


Thank you so much for your kind comment and for playing this lil game jam! I'm really glad if the game was a positive experience, and I'm so happy to hear the true ending and the easter egg felt appropriate! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and for giving it a try.


Found a bug! I tried putting the game on fullscreen in the settings menu, and the game completely disappeared. It looked like the game closed, and doesn't show up in my taskbar, but still seems to be open somehow since I can hear the menu music playing 

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Oh gosh, my apologies for this nuisance of a bug, especially if you tried to fullscreen before turning down the audio - I've been experimenting to see if I can figure out where this came from. I'll do my best to resolve it asap, and thank you so much for letting me know!

Update: Sorry to spam you a bit, but I believe the problem should be repaired! I'm uploading the new files now. Thank you so so much for making me aware of it. A very weird issue had occurred where the gui was angry it couldn't find a particular image, and for some reason only going to fullscreen on the prefs menu made it realise it was missing!

If you continue to have issues, please do let me know! I'll do my best to handle it if it's still a problem.

what age rating would you give this visual novel and for what content?

Hi Marklord! The text is about on par with a YA novel's level of heavier violence, so suitable for 15+. The imagery is mild and there's few CGs for any of the harder violence described in the text. It features (across some or all routes) violence, blood, death, body horror, injury, monsters, and corpses.


Here is your participant's badge for the jam!

Very cool! I played through and kept getting medium endings, so I looked at the walkthrough for the best ending. I think I didn't keep watching so I kept missing the best ending. The easter egg ending was very interesting. I liked the character and environment art with all the lore. Nice job!

Oh no! I think maybe I could do more to telegraph the right answer with that particular question or alter the point range for it. Since it follows her getting offended about being fussed at, it's a bit of mixed messaging that I've been worried about! I'll go back in and have a look, make sure it's more cohesive or that the distinction is better explained.

(Although to be honest I'm also a bit relieved that the medium ending is still accessible, as I had some worries the point range might be too fiddly!) 

Thank you so much for giving my game a go, it really means a lot that you kindly read all that stuff! And thank you so much for the sweet badge! 

thank you for the bug warning lol 

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You bet! Full transparency on what to expect is always a priority.


Very good and artistic game.

Thank you so much, Hammer Games! I appreciate you checking out my little game very much.