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This game was created for Bit Bridge Indies Halloween Game Jam. It was started on 17/10/20, and completed a week later on 24/10/20.

IntheGravewood 1.1 features improvements across the board and is the polished, 'final' version, and the one I recommend downloading!

(Minor 1.1 update: 22/11/2020: Added some text to early game and some map pages to help clarify some confusing choices. Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful feedback!)

Gravewood 1.0 is the raw Game Jam version.


You're a young woman living in the heart of a dark and dismal swampland.

It's time for the ritual of Season's End, and the Elder of the village selects you to fulfil a special mission: you have to find four Pearls of the Earth, special stones that emerge from places of suffering or grief. To help you with this special task, a senior warrior accompanies you as your companion - an upbeat, earnest woman whose past and values you can learn through the course of the story. Tolerate her or treat her with care to determine different outcomes.

Thanks to the parasitic tree planted in your spine, you're ready to protect the village from the dangers of the outside world at any cost.


Explore the open marshland via a map!

The narrative is modular and can change depending on when you visit certain areas and what you do there! Many choices and engagements depend on your route!

Five Endings!

A walkthrough is included with the Readme file for added convenience, and in case you need some help! Three of the endings follow a similar route, and two are wild deviations.


Content Warnings.

The game has a splash page that will warn you of its content! The visuals are not very grisly, but some of the writing is moreso. Please take care with your own comfort and limits!

The game features: Horror, body horror, parasitism, corpses, death, insects, monsters and physical trauma. The writing is often gory but the art is minimal for these sections.


In the Grave Wood was produced by Cacoethic, of the microstudio Inkethic. If you like this, please check out our other titles!

Please note that as this was a Game Jam game and was also the first Ren'Py game coded by Cacoethic, you may encounter typos, grammatical errors, visual aberrations or coding anomalies. Please report them, and I'll fix them as soon as possible! Also, please forgive some default settings on the 1.0 version. The game is very long and heavily-illustrated for a week-long Jam, and time was very tight for me at the end.


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Very cool! I played through and kept getting medium endings, so I looked at the walkthrough for the best ending. I think I didn't keep watching so I kept missing the best ending. The easter egg ending was very interesting. I liked the character and environment art with all the lore. Nice job!

Oh no! I think maybe I could do more to telegraph the right answer with that particular question or alter the point range for it. Since it follows her getting offended about being fussed at, it's a bit of mixed messaging that I've been worried about! I'll go back in and have a look, make sure it's more cohesive or that the distinction is better explained.

(Although to be honest I'm also a bit relieved that the medium ending is still accessible, as I had some worries the point range might be too fiddly!) 

Thank you so much for giving my game a go, it really means a lot that you kindly read all that stuff! And thank you so much for the sweet badge! 

thank you for the bug warning lol 

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You bet! Full transparency on what to expect is always a priority.


Very good and artistic game.

Thank you so much, Hammer Games! I appreciate you checking out my little game very much.