In the Grave Wood Post-Jam Update 1.1 Released!

Hi there!

This game has received a post-Jam update! 1.1 is the most polished version of this game and the one I recommend playing.


- UI is now fully customised.

- Sprites were cleaned up, huntsman has expressions.

- Additional CGs.

- SFX added.

- A fifth ending added! Since three of my endings are the same route with different branches, I decided to go ahead and add a second major deviation. It's very weird and is more of an easter egg than anything, but it has some unique content you don't get from the rest of the game. If you have any difficulty finding it, the Readme has been updated to help you.

- Minor text fixes and updates to clean up some language and Gratuitously Capitalised Fantasy Things. There's still a lot of Gratuitously Capitalised Fantasy Things left. Please be strong.

- Made some fixes to the Readme walkthrough on account of some errors in the instructions. These fixes were also added to the 1.0 Readme yesterday. Apologies if the walkthrough gave you any difficulty!

Other broader edits:

- Game name changed from Gravewood to In the Grave Wood to avoid confusion with Gravewood High, a game I just learned existed. No obfuscation or misunderstanding intended, my game just features a wood that is also... graves... so it made perfect sense at the time.

Known problems:

- Most people are unlikely to run into it, but you occasionally get an args error if you scroll back and forth through the text at lightspeed. If you punch the reload button it should come back to life. This is true of both versions of the game and I'm not sure how to fix that, I'm sorry!

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