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Meeting in the Flesh is a free small-scale horror/romance visual novel. You play as Vil, the resident of a strange but friendly little city, encountering various people and getting the chance to court one of three different monstrous suitors. Though the game will include some body horror imagery, the game is a romance at its core, with a focus on getting to know and growing closer to your partner.

(The game is currently rated PG-13 for horror imagery and mentions of violence.)

(Update 11/13/17: Demov2 uploaded to include small writing fixes and UI adjustments.)

The world of Meeting in the Flesh is full of interesting faces, but Vil is pretty close to three in particular ...

Yiestol is the community overlook. Kind and gentle and takes great pride in his work. He cares deeply about others.

Brattan is a salt scout. Very friendly and outgoing. He loves adventure and excitement, and wants to discover something big!

Nyargh is the owner of a bee shop. Though gruff and stoic, he's in no way mean. However, he's surrounded by some odd rumors ... ?

Meeting in the Flesh is currently in pre-alpha! That means it's still in development and all content is still being produced and tweaked. For that reason there is no music or SFX at this time, but there will be in the final build of the game. None of the artwork or text is in an incomplete state, but it may not be final or fully representative of the complete game. (The final game is also planned to be rated R, with a toggle to turn off any adult-rated content and bring the game rating down to PG-13.)

Please report any bugs, typos, visual aberrations or error codes to us, and we'll fix them as soon as possible! Our game devblog is on tumblr at meetingintheflesh!

Meeting in the Flesh is produced by Fal (cacoethic) and Miru (inktrashing). 


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I love it. I love that it's not the typical cutesy VN, and I love the style of writing. I'm going to write about this in my indie game blog (if that's okay) and I'll share a link when it's finished! :) I can't wait to see more. 

Oh gosh, thank you so much! We're really happy that we seem to have hit the right horror-mundane balance we were aiming for, and that people enjoy it. We absolutely welcome any write-ups, of course; we'd be really grateful for the time and effort put into it, and we'd love to see it when it's done!

I *really* enjoyed what you have of this game so far, and am interested in the end product! I think it's written very well and I really like the world building. It makes me want to learn more about how this world works and it's characters. I also really love the art, very creative! Can't wait to come back and play this again when it's finished! :D

Aw gosh, thank you so much for the kind praise and encouragement! We're so happy that you enjoyed the art and the story, and we really hope the final work will live up to expectations and deliver an experience that matches the demo. We're going to keep doing our best and will definitely keep you updated on our progress! :)