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Meeting in the Flesh is a free horror/romance visual novel. You play as Vil, the resident of a strange but friendly little city, encountering various people and getting the chance to court one of three different monstrous suitors. Though the game will include some body horror imagery, the game is a romance at its core, with a focus on getting to know and growing closer to your partner. It features romantic scenes that can be toggled between a PG-13 and R rating.

The world of Meeting in the Flesh is full of interesting faces, but Vil is pretty close to three in particular ...

Yiestol is the community overlook. Kind and gentle and takes great pride in his work. He cares deeply about others.

Brattan is a salt scout. Very friendly and outgoing. He loves adventure and excitement, and wants to discover something big!

Nyargh is the owner of a bee shop. Though gruff and stoic, he's in no way mean. However, he's surrounded by some odd rumors ... ?


Meeting in the Flesh is available for absolutely free! A small 'Thank You Booklet' is available to anyone who donates $2.00 or more, as a show of our appreciation. It contains a small collection of rough sketches, progress shots, and unused versions of artwork from the game.

(For anyone who previously donated that amount or more to the project while it was in production, please email us at inkethic@gmail.com, and we would be more than happy to send you the booklet as a belated thank you!)

Please report any bugs, typos, visual aberrations or error codes to us, and we'll fix them as soon as possible! We post game updates at inkethic at Twitter!

Meeting in the Flesh is produced by Fal (cacoethic) and Miru (inktrashing). 


Update log:
- Oct. 31, 2017 - Demo release

- Nov. 13, 2017 - Demo v2 release (writing fixes and UI adjustments)
- March 31, 2019 - Meeting in the Flesh 1.0 release!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(547 total ratings)
AuthorinkEthic (inktrashing + cacoethic)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, Horror, Romance


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coincidentally managed to find and play this game during an actual eclipse here! it only heightened this absolutely incredible experience even more, but i'm absolutely positive that this is one of my favorite games now. yiestol is the new love of my life <333

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This game is the only one of its caliber that I have played and it鈥檚 truly amazing! I cannot believe it is available for free. 馃槱 Most visual novels I played were 60-70% dialogue, so I was delightfully surprised at the approach MITF took with its text — it does not shy away from descriptions and building lore of the grotesque world we play in, that has truly helped to forge a more immersive connection with the characters. I truly felt like I was actually reading a novel as compared to skimping through chunks of dialogues, certainly a welcoming change.

The artwork and character designs are absolutely beautiful. Body horror is pretty prominent in the game (e.g exposed pulsing flesh and pus) but it does not carry the same dreadfulness as it would in a non-romance medium, it somehow even felt like I was right at home.. idk how to describe it. This game evokes the coziest vibes in an unconventional way. 

Thank you sooo much to the team for this masterpiece! This is genuinely the most compelling and immersive VN I have played in a long while. The world of MITF plus characters will forever have a special place in my heart 馃┓馃グ


I loved this game! It's so unique! I really liked all the characters, the art is also beautiful! 馃ぉ


I know what the goal was explaining the bonding with Yiestol was. However, I couldn't get the image of Steven universe fusion out of my head. In my mind we are a permanent SU fusion.


This game is absolutely amazing!!


I was like "oh noooo anything but handholding!!" when I see the TW up front

but apart of me being weird again, this game is highly underrated


THIS GAME IS SO UNDERRATED?!??!?! its so good bless your heart i love you this is the most well written story ive read so far im gonna kiss you so hard


My friends don't understand my love for fleshy, grotesque abominations.

And I don't care. I love Nyargh with every fiber of my being. Thank you for this game.

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Really like this odd but fun my fav is Brattan i love his happy ending and yiestol >.> even thou when he bonds with freaky >_> and uh lol,where they  live kinda reminds zergs from star craft XD


Created an account just to comment on this! This game was unbelievably stunning. The art is outstanding, the characters are so unique and loveable, and my god the entire story is so beautifully written. The world is built so deeply but not in a sense that's overwhelming. This game is just. Incredible. I genuinely can't praise it enough, I'm just sad that I found it so late.


I loved this game, Nyargh is my personal favorite !


I loved this game so much


Thank you, this cheered me up so much when I played it earlier this year. The coziness is deep, and I'm someone who doesn't like horror - I realised because of this, it's only the harm in horror I don't like.


Wow ok, I need to talk about this game! (spoilers guys)

First, congratulations for the perfect art and the characters, the description too... I can imagine everything in my mind, it would be a world I would love to live in.

I have a soft spot for werewolves, so obvs Brattan was my first choice, his extrovert and explorer behavior attracts me (even though I'm very introvert) he looks like a big puppy, I find it so cute.

I decided to enter with Brattan in the abyss, after all it was a decision I'd make in real life, and I thought about writing letters, so Vil goes and does what? Write a note, in a way he read my mind lol!

Now if I had been in their place, I'd have regretted it too much, after all... stop in the human world? God forbid, the only good thing is that Vil and Brattan have each other, I prefer their world than ours sincerely, even the environment of their world I think is more beautiful, but I won't be defaming us, because in every world there are problems, bad people, difficulties... I think in the end it only matters who you're with.

(I did the end of stay however and I regret it because it made me sad, Vil talking about how much he missed Brattan and believing that one day he would come back talking about his discovery, and I just thinking... no, he won't come back)

Oh and the soundtrack, omg sometimes it made me really scared, I thought something bad or scary was going to happen, but not really, when I saw I was just having a cute moment with Brattan or another character, but it gave a good atmosphere. I loved this game and I'll try all the endings and all the romance routes possible, simply one of the best itch.io novel style games!

Ok, ok, I also need to talk about Nyargh, what a wonderful character my friends! If someone made me melt (like honey hehe) it was him, much more than Brattan. First, the bees are so cute, I hate bees in rl and I'm really afraid of them, but in this game they look so cute that I wish I had one... but focusing on Nyargh!

Is there someone more perfect, interesting and mysterious than him? Even his different looks attract me to him, the way he talks and behaves, how he's so calm, relaxed and doesn't care about the opinion of others... he's simply who I want to be in life: Successful, with a cute hardworking partner and bees as pets. The ending with Nya's more satisfying for me, even when we don't decide to be their partner at least we keep the friendship, the sad part is the dreams we've with Nyargh, but anyway... I loved it, this game is 10/10!



I don't know what I expected but this was way better and I've only done one route so far.



Nuuuuu. Someone stole my werewolf.

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i was just reminded that this existed after not having played it in...oh god, 4 years.... thank you for Nyarh, he's a sweetheart <3


1. Don't start to play this game while eating pizza. That was my mistake. Be better than me.

2. I love the world in this game. It's a grounded despite being so otherworldly. The art is gorgeous, and the story is simple but enjoyable. Yet, neither of the story nor the art shies away from the nature of how everything should be in this type of world. Like, the imagery is graphic and borderline violent, but the characters aren't. It's a part of their life, and they don't see anything wrong with it. The casualness of the interactions with each other and their environment solidifies the believability of it. If you took Yiestol's character (favorite character) and put him in any other story. I might have been a bit squeamish, but it just fell into place nicely here.

It's all just an amalgamation of beautiful horror.

3. Bees.

The bees and caterpillar were the correct stylistic choice. None other could compare.


Thanks for the warning lol :D


played this game a longgg time ago and it's still one of my absolute favourites, the worldbuilding was absolutely amazing and i've yet to find a game with a similar charm to this one


second time playing the game i love the characters so much my favorite is totally Nyragh EEEEEEEEK


This novel was insanely well-written, and I'm truly amazed by your world-building capabilities. There was so much detail packed into a relatively brief game and each suitor had very distinct characteristics.

 I have to admit, I felt really antsy for most of this visual novel--teetering on uncomfortable as I generally stay away from vore/gore. And while I have dabbled in the concept of teratophilia, it's definitely been on the tamer side and I haven't ever been able to visualize characteristics. 

I can't say that this is a genre I really want to explore further, but I really appreciate that you've kept this a friendly entrance into that realm (and you did provide warnings at the beginning LOL).

I'm seriously fascinated by the world you've built which was shocking for humans, but nonchalantly normal for the characters. I can always appreciate a good read. You're a fab writer! Thanks for letting me into your imagination [:


Game Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYuc1W8SHq9AXL-UQk4Q4n9oENmDAH1o

Meeting in the Flesh is an interesting game, especially for someone who are interested in suitors that was different from the norm yet still quite loveable. I especially love the world building that was quite strange but beautiful and the differences in culture in it, since everything was made of something else and not normally human.

The suitors were interesting in their own way, with Yiestol's gentleness, Brattan's bravery and lust for adventure, and Nyargh's gruff kindness. All of the good ending for the suitors were quite passionate and I do admit reading through it made me blush a little, haha. Or maybe the writing is too good, I appreciate a good read.

Thank you for making the game and I'm looking forward for your new game!


Whatever I was expecting, it wasn't this, and honestly, I want a whole lot more, dammit.


Brattan's route got me feeling things and I just wsfknewklrvbglwbgvkrasfn-

He was my abso fave, but if I knew choosing him would go down the road it did... I honestly wouldn't have chosen it. If only to spare myself certain... feelings. At least we had each other in the end though.

Ultimately, a marvelously otherworldly experience. The creator really dove into the concept of making a monster world and executed it so well that I am left... struggling to comprehend the uniqueness of it. Not out of xenophobia or discomfort, but just... the novelty of the take.

Short, but lovely. If you aren't a wuss about flesh and blood (not gore, no), this is definitely worth playing through to get all the endings at least once imho.


I just finished Nyarghs route and I love him sm. I feel so thankful that a game like this exists and even more so that it has such an interesting world! I'm going to go back and play every single route with all of the characters because I need to experience every last ounce of what's to offer in this incredible game.

is there a guide? sorry i just want to get all the endings

There is not a guide but it is simple to figure out. Whoever you choose to spend time with will be the route you go along. From then it is pretty straightforward what to pick for the good or bad end. There is another ending too... if you choose to not spend time with any of them you will spend the eclipse alone.


Also, great world building! I forgot to mention, you really want to learn more about the world lol


This game was great! Very well written and sweet, my favorite was Brattan, then Yeistol, than Nyargh :) Don't be turned away by the nsfw monster stuff, you can toggle the mature stuff off, and without it they are just sweet stories that are well written and heartwarming. The game honestly brings up interesting questions about things I haven't thought of before, too, it's good at bringing up situations and wondering how you would react in those situations. Loved this game!


Oh my god. I love this game. So delightfully wholesome ;-; Thank you for making this game!


Nyargh is best boy. I don't know what else can be said. These character designs are as gorgeous as they are odd and I love the strange world that has been created here.


Aaaaa I love it! It took some time to get used to this odd world but when I did I find myself in love with the unique premise and genuinely interested about the characters in the world, they truly have life and each of them are so unique, I'm very grateful you all even went out of the way to illustrate these characters and not just stopping at the suitors. It truly pulled me in! As of now I've only played Yiestol's route and I am so happy at the ending, truly I enjoyed it, thank you for creating such a wonderful game!!!!


I really liked this visual novel, and you did a wonderful job with the characters and the setting.

Yiestol's route had me thinking about big questions regarding responsibilities and making big sacrifices in the name of helping others. It's not something to be taken lightly, but I feel that it's certainly an important theme to consider, and I do understand how it feels to be faced with big choices of all shapes and sizes.

Brattan was a very fun character and I enjoyed his route, though due to personal preferences, I found his ending to be a bit underwhelming. Though it does raise a point about the unknown. Some journeys aren't meant to be undertaken lightly and there's no way to know what lies on the other side of the reflection until you've already taken the one-way plunge, so it's always good to enjoy what you have in the present and live life to the fullest, regardless of what your choices may lead towards.

Nyargh's route was my favorite due to the cozy atmosphere (and the adorably wonderful bees). I can understand and respect his struggles, and it resonated with me because there wasn't much of a 'dramatic' twist, simply a strong bond between two people who want to understand each other better. It's no less important in scope, but I've always had an appreciation for conclusions that are tender and warm and peaceful.

Thank you very much for the wonderful experiences.


Nyargh's was my fave too. I did Yiestol's but for personal reasons wasn't fond of the idea of the 'good' end. It was after meeting Nyargh and learning more that I fell for him. Visually he's so different but inside he is so pure and I can hardly imagine a better life than a gentle yet stable delivery job and coming home to dozens of adorable bees and a loving partner.

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This game was an absolute delight in every way. A lot of the time I feel like it's difficult for media to throw the audience into a world they should already 'know', but I felt the natural build of information and Vil's POV tackled that issue well. And what a world it is! It's weird and wonderful and I loved learning about and experiencing it through Vil's eyes.

!!! SPOILERS !!!
The act of spending so much time in what was familiar to Vil, through Vil's POV, also served to make the twist of Brattan's route something special. Getting to experience Vil and Brattan learning to live in a world and bodies that were new to them added a level of awe to something familiar, and it left me with a much higher level of appreciation for his route than I think I would have walked away with otherwise.

That said, all of the routes were delightful experiences! They all felt very down-to-earth despite being couched in the unfamiliar and strange, because at the core they remained very relatable: standing at the precipice of growth and change, heading out to explore the unknown, or trying to open yourself up to another. It made the story feel very cozy and intimate in a way that made it soothing in something that, at first glance, you'd never expect such a feeling from.

Thank you for creating and sharing this game! It's going to be sticking with me for a while, I think.


I really took a chance on this game, and I'm glad I did. Horror elements and gore have always been gag-inducing for me, but this game does such a fantastic job of painting them as beautiful and intimate.  Really well done.


I love world building like that. It doesn't go into hyper detail but it's enough to show how a basic day is here as well as the rule of law. Things are just how they are for them.

I decided to go with Yeistol's rout because he's so gentle and elegant. The other one I would have gone with would be Barttan because he's playful and has an infectious attitude.

The twist and turns with emotions as you get closer with Yeistol (he's the only ending I got so far) was moving. Also, the twist was something I never thought of before and really made me think if I would be okay with a decision like that. Keeping it vague to be spoiler free.

I like stories with huge life changing choices for the character mid way through the story. Something that involves a completely alien concept to the main protag and the reader. You make decisions you never thought you would ever consider and learn something about yourself as well as adding a unique memory.

You did a good job Fal and Miru, so take my $5. It would be more (because you deserve more) but this is what I can afford right now. Keep up the solid righting and art style. This my be a niche story and not for all but that's what makes it special.

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Some of the most captivating & unique worldbuilding to be found in a visual novel! The character designs, environments, and audio blend together perfectly on top of a otherworldly, sweet story. 

Amazing that this experience is free



Got the game for Yeistol鈥檚 route because his art looked pretty, but was completely BLINDSIDED when I met Nyrgah for the first time and was hit with Zaddy vibes. NEVER had a thing for a Eldritch-horror-esque character before. 

I think this game might have awakened something… 馃ゲ


Love this VN!!!!! I really hope an expansion of some sorts is made someday, but even without it I love this game and love to revisit it!


I absolutely love this game. It's so well written and the art is gorgeous. The characters are wonderful. I think Yiestol is my favourite but I do really adore Brattan and Nyrgah. If there was ever an expansion of the lore/story of this world I'd be ecstatic. It's very interesting.


Ngl I never thought previously that being eaten could be romantic but it sure felt so when playing his route. Probably because it didn't just straight up lead to dying lol Thank yall for this wonderful game. <3


gateway to vore

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