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After having played "meeting in the flesh" years ago, I am so excited to come back and see that you are working on a new visual novel! I enjoyed the new approach you took to this visual novel, and I really enjoyed the character designs. I can't wait to see where you may take this game as it develops, and I'm excited to see what might happen to Motya!


Oh my gosh, I didn't know a demo was already out! I'm so excited! I already played a little and the sprites look so pretty *-* 

The music is one of the best parts of Meeting in The Flesh, and it looks like it will be the same here too! I'm really looking forward to the end product since this already looks great!

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Timoor my beloved♥♥♥

Playing inkEthic games such as this and "Meeting in the Flesh" is like stepping into a new world that feels like home. The soundtrack, art, and characters are truly charming.


Intriguing demo! :D


Thats a very interesting DEMO and World, it really brims with creativity


Such a nice demo!!

The backgrounds and the characters are just so well made, everytime a new character appeared I just needed to stop reading to admire all the tiny details. The animations are also petty cute, they really help the characters feel even more alive.

As a little feedback, I think it would be nice if you can add an option to change the font size or event the font, don't know if thats possible.

I really enjoyed "Meeting in the flesh" and I can already say that this game will become one of my favorites when it finally releases :)


YES YES YES!!!! Cant wait for the game!!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to try our demo and leave such kind feedback, Vika! We're really happy if you enjoyed it so far, and we'll keep working hard towards creating a final game we can be proud to share with you!


Ohh, how exciting. I like the demo

Thank you very much! We're glad if you enjoyed it!


Oh man this is so awesome. I'm a huge fan of Meeting in the Flesh and I've been following the updates on the development of this game on tumblr. The opening is a bit slow I think, with Motya coming to their senses and meeting the first two characters, but I think it really settles into itself after that.

I am in LOVE with Timoor, what a cutie!! I thought Ermolai was going to be my favorite until he showed up and I just fell so quickly. I can't wait to get my hands on the full game just for him. 

My main issue with the game is after about 45-60 minutes of play time it begins to lag/slow down, especially with 3 characters on the screen. It makes saving and jumping back in the history a task as the game tries to crash. It never did though. I did turn off the live2d animations for a bit but they're too nice not to play with. I hope there some way to fix this, because I'd hate to turn them off for the full game release.

A great demo, I'm very excited to see where the story goes! Keep up the great work Inkethic!!


Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, encouragement, and your kind patience with our experimentation, especially concerning the Live2D! This is really useful feedback! We're also really thrilled you enjoyed the characters and story so far, and we can't wait to share more with you!

Although the game appeared to have slowed down over time, I suspect the problem isn't a memory leak (hopefully!) but an issue we became aware of in our internal playtests before release. On my computer it appeared acceptable, but if possible I'd love to get some information about your computer specifications and some more detail about the amount of lag/fps loss sustained! If you have some time, please do respond or email us at with a little info about your CPU and GPU, and we'd be deeply grateful! If possible we'll update the demo with a suitable fix, or else just make sure the final release is as seamless and accessible as possible!

The history may definitely take longer when there's many characters on screen, but it should never crash the game if the player doesn't click around too much. Although there's no way to notify the player, the long wait is just to handle the model load. We'll keep working intensely on optimising that for the final release so that the wait doesn't feel as hairy!

Thank you so much again!


:clap: HELL :clap: YEAH :clap:

I've been super excited to nosy at this new demo since I found out it was happening, and it has not disappointed! Incredibly eager to get my hands on the full release when it comes out!

Just a list of typos I noticed while going through:

- When Motya is being inspected by Perepyol on the no run route, the first instance of collar is misspelled as color.
- "Ermolai's smile, already warm, soften(s) a touch."
- "Whatever sunlight reaches past the shapes of building(s?)..."
- "The air in the office that had felt so cozy just moments (a)go..."
- "There's some comfort to be found in the fact that they feels surprisingly little..."
- "I was told to search for you, so I could deliver my employer(')s..."
- "Ermolai: You have my thanks, Ermolai!" (Should be Perepyol, I'm guessing haha)
- "... by a man who had first shown them so (such) kindness."


Thank you so much coffeebara! We really appreciate you giving our new lil demo a try, and we're so glad if you're interested in playing the full game in the future! It's high praise and we're really grateful for it!

We also really appreciate the time you took to catch and relay these errors! We've noted them and will have them fixed for when we update the distro file. Thank you again!


another absolutely gorgeous & rich world filled with characters that are immediately charming & intriguing. the live 2D is an incredible highlight on top of already gorgeous art, and the demo left me borderline feral to find out what happens next. GREAT WORK INKETHIC, I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE FULL GAME!! 

Thank you so much Kelly! We're really glad you had a positive experience with our lil demo so far, and thank you for giving it a try! We'll keep working hard to improve on what we have and create the best game we can going forward, and thank you with all our hearts for your feedback and thoughts!!