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This was so different from anything I've played before, and I really enjoyed it!

The backgrounds and character art are really well done and consistent with the setting, and all of the routes are well written. I liked that all of the characters and their storylines are so different from one another, but they were all still nice to and cared about Vil.

The routes felt a lot more complex and deeper than I thought they'd be and I was thinking about the first route I played (Yiestol) for a while after I finished playing. 

Thank you for making this and sharing it!

Oh, thank you so much! We're really glad you enjoyed it, and hearing that it was a unique experience for you is really special, high praise. We're really glad that all the routes had something of interest! We hoped we could offer stories that could take full advantage of the open setting and the different ways these monsters all live, so we 're just happy if any of that intention made it into the finished product.
Thank you so much for trying out our game and taking the time to let us know how it went for you, feedback is everything to us with this being our first game! :D

this was adorable and I recced it to my friends

I love all the love interests, I can't choose a fave

Thank you so much for the sweet message! We're really glad you liked it enough to share it with your friends, and we're really happy you found something to like in all the suitors. o/


My fave Brattan was everything I thought he would be, with an entirely unexpected story, Yiestol gave me a bit of a surprise (cant say cuz of spoilers)- but Nyargh was an utterly delightful surprise, and honestly my favourite route just from how cosy, fluffy and nice it was.  Kudos for the lovely little game! And a really well done making this game suitably unsettling and disturbing but still lovely and fluffy! 

Thank you so much! We're so glad Brattan didn't disappoint, and we're thrilled to hear that Nyargh came as a pleasant surprise, that's so wonderful! With sending the characters off in wildly different routes we did worry a bit about how hard the sell would be on some of them, so we're just super glad if nothing was too much of a deterrent and that you enjoyed the game as a whole! Thank you so much for playing and for your kind compliments, it really means a lot to us to hear.  ❤

Absolutely loved the game, the amount of effortless world building you guys managed to pull off in a short amount of time without it feeling overbearing or like a textbook is crazy! I really loved the characters and I felt like all three of the romance routes (and the others) were all easy to empathize with and really full of depth. The art was beautiful and really meshed with the story, I especially love how unique the romance-able characters' designs were while still being easy to empathize with. Congrats on release! PS I need one of Nyargh's bees!

Thank you so much squaredprince! We're so glad you enjoyed it, and it's especially really great to hear that the characters felt complete and the world felt immersive for you, because we couldn't hope for sweeter praise. Thank you for the congrats and well-wishes too, if we could send you gift basket bees we absolutely would! :>

Fantastic job, guys. Congratulations on release!

Thank you so much SC, your support and promo-ing our materials throughout has really meant the world to us!

loved the demo & i absolutely love the finished product. although i was motivated entirely by nyarg's design when i chose his path first, it wound up really resonating with me on a personal level & i'm thrilled! all three lads are so unique & wonderful in their own way & i'm so glad this game exists! thank you for making it & i'm very excited for whatever you all wind up making next!

Thank you so much, Kelly! I'm really glad that even beyond Nyargh's design, there was something there that was meaningful to you. That's exactly what we wanted to go for really - monsters with a down-to-earth story, sharing moments together in their creepy world. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, especially because you've been with us from the jump, so it's a great assurance to know we didn't let you down! We're both going to have a sleep and then think about what our future holds next. ❤

I like the look of the characters and it seems like it will be fun but the large text box on the side is rather irritating :/

Hey there! I completely understand that being totally out of the norm for a visual novel; honestly it's a product of necessity because of the prose-heavy format of our game. We'll definitely look at striking a different balance in future games, but I hope you can still enjoy it! If at any time you want to hide the text box and just have a look at the environment, we have a text box hide button in the bottom mini-menu. o/

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no no it's just better if the text box is at the bottom because on the side it's very distracting :/ I know it's already finished and you probably just want to relax now but would it be possible in the future to choose to have it on the side or on the bottom?I mean, you don't HAVE to since it's only me that is bothered by it. also are there cg's??

I'm afraid it's probably not very feasible, just because the volume of work required would be really considerable and it may impact all kinds of other aspects of the game's appearance -- character positioning, text display and so on would be very poor without really heavy modifications, more than we can really afford to commit at this time. The conditions of making this game were a bit unique in that way!

I'm sorry for the inconvenience! It may seem like it would be distracting, but while we're a short game, we have a large body of text, written almost in novella format. It's like having a page next to the illustration.

The game does have CGs! There are five or so CGs that occur regardless of branches, and each story branch has 3 unique CGs each. The PG-13 scenes and the R scenes are roughly the same, though the PG-13 CGs are edited into a more tasteful form, with less suggestive imagery. :)

ah yes I understand like I said I can't expect someone to change an entire game xD and yay am happy there are cg's :D I really like the art style of the characters


Loved the game, its so satisfying to see a completely diffent and original universe! And Yiestol is just way too pretty, i never thought i'd see a "monster"that looks so much like a model.

ps: fluffy bees is such wholesome content.

Aw gosh, thank you so much for the kind compliments laiscorb! We're so sorry it took so long to get back to you, but we're really glad you enjoyed it so far and approve of Yiestol! It's always really exciting for us when someone has a favourite monster. :}
We have a planned release in early 2019 for the full game, so we hope you'll enjoy the complete version with us then!

Oh my, the theme of  "personality beyond the surface" is taking an amazing storytelling and satisfiying my monstrous self here xD

We're really thrilled you're enjoying it! Thank you!

This alpha really made my day! Not only is the game exceptionally creative, but it is done extremely well too. Art and text are cohesive so that the player really enters this  strange universe, becoming Vil and apart of the story you guys are trying to create. Nyargh, Brattan, and Yiestol all seem like well developed characters (from the little we get to see of them) and I am absolutely smitten with each of them for different reasons. As salty as I am for not being able to play their routes yet, it only fuels me to keep an eye out for the Beta. I can see great things from this little gem of a game.

Thank you so, so much! I'm sorry it took us so long to reply, but your sweet comments really mean a lot and are so encouraging. We're so grateful that you took the time both to try it out and to comment. We're still grinding hard on the full game and reading this sort of thing is so uplifting, especially during the hard middle bit when there's still so much to go. Thank you, and we hope the full game won't let you down!

I absolutely love what you all have so far! The characters are super lovable and I am already pretty attached to them all after just the demo. The art is great as well! Definitely keep up the good work all of you! Also, another small note, I appreciate the idea of having a toggle for the rated R content, because it makes this sim even more open to people with different preferences and age groups too! 

Awww gosh, thank you so much for the kind compliments and for your support, this is such a sweet message. We're really glad the game appeals to you and that you enjoyed what you saw so far!

It's also really encouraging to hear the R-rating toggle sounds like a good idea to you too. We knew our visuals and content might be a little niche, so we wanted to make sure everyone felt like they could try it if they liked the look of it.

We'll do our best to keep our nose to the grindstone and hopefully produce a complete game that won't disappoint!

i love the illustrations of this game and how its not an ordinary visual novel! The characters are amazing, Yiestol has to be my favourite though. I can't wait for this to be finished and am looking forward to it!


That's incredibly flattering to hear! Thank you so much for your kind compliments and feedback, we're really glad that you enjoyed the demo and liked the overall flavour of the game! (And aw, Yiestol would definitely blush if his chitinous shell allowed him to.)

there is a pc zip and mac zip but thru the actual browser its "unavailable for windows"


I seem to have made a small error while uploading v2 of the demo and marked the game unavailable for PC and Mac! I think the issue should be fixed now, thank you so much for the pointer!

no problem, but really thank you for the game!

I love it. I love that it's not the typical cutesy VN, and I love the style of writing. I'm going to write about this in my indie game blog (if that's okay) and I'll share a link when it's finished! :) I can't wait to see more. 

Oh gosh, thank you so much! We're really happy that we seem to have hit the right horror-mundane balance we were aiming for, and that people enjoy it. We absolutely welcome any write-ups, of course; we'd be really grateful for the time and effort put into it, and we'd love to see it when it's done!

Here it is!

Oh wow, thank you so much for the article! It's incredibly flattering and we're really glad you enjoyed what you saw. We're also very appreciative of the promotion to your readers. I hope it's okay that we've queued your post for our developer tumblr as well!

I'm honored! Thank you :)

I *really* enjoyed what you have of this game so far, and am interested in the end product! I think it's written very well and I really like the world building. It makes me want to learn more about how this world works and it's characters. I also really love the art, very creative! Can't wait to come back and play this again when it's finished! :D

Aw gosh, thank you so much for the kind praise and encouragement! We're so happy that you enjoyed the art and the story, and we really hope the final work will live up to expectations and deliver an experience that matches the demo. We're going to keep doing our best and will definitely keep you updated on our progress! :)

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